A Little Something Before Bed

One obstacle after another.

She knows she can’t rest until she gets on that plane home.

The things that need to be taken care of before she heads home are more pressuring than she thought. Final exams are around the corner, but she can barely squeeze time for the preparation. Meanwhile she has to pack up all her stuff and finds a place to store her luggage.

And for the first time since she set foot on this strange land, she envies those whose parents and relatives are nearby, ready to drive them and their bulky suitcases home at anytime they want. She envies those whose dads are there to help them carry things down eight stories. And she can only drag her things one by one out of her dorm room, running to and forth between two different buildings, all the while the miniature her in her head is wailing at the top of her lungs.

Her head aches from all the reading and calculating. Her hands hurt from carrying overly heavy suitcases and boxes.

But she can’t give up. Not that she doesn’t want to. If she gives up, no one will be there to help her.

Because for the first time in her life, she is all alone in this.

Standing in front of a road full of obstacles, she doesn’t have a choice but to keep going forward. Because her one and only choice was made when she decided to go to a place where she knew nobody. And now she’s supposed to keep going, no matter what.

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I stepped onto the plane for Vancouver at precisely 2 in the afternoon, January 1st, 2016, local time, still trying to hold back the tears threatening to fall down. I can’t cry I told myself.

All of my teachers, my friends and relatives, they were so shocked when I told them I was coming to Canada. “Are there anyone you know that can look after you?” was the most common question I got.

And my answer was as always no.

“What about your parents?”

“Nah they’re staying here.”

“But you’re still going?”


I wanted to. Have wanted to study abroad for a very long time. Besides, even if I really wanted to back out, I couldn’t. Tuition fees were paid. Plane tickets were taken care of. How could I say no I don’t want to go anymore?

The flight to Vancouver from Guangzhou, China took nearly 12 hours. That wasn’t a very comfortable flight but, ah well, at least the food was fine, and this was enough for me. People on the plane were either watching a film or sleeping. Not much to say about this period of time.


I don’t quite remember the time when the plane touched down in Vancouver, Canada. Probably 10 something in the morning, local time. The first thing that I heard after getting off the plane was a dialogue mixed with English and Cantonese. Ah the bittersweet homesickness.

To my surprise it wasn’t that cold outside. I was expecting something like chilliness and bitter wind but I received none. Ok maybe it won’t be so bad I thought.

Because of the schedule I had to stay at the airport for over six hours waiting for the plane to Winnipeg. So I was basically wandering around, after deposited my luggage, from morning to nearly eight in the evening. Got my suitcases, had my study permit done, bought a book, had a cup of coffee.

The plane for Winnipeg was relatively smaller, but more comfortable as there were more space for every passenger. I could even cross my legs.


When I arrived at James Armstrong Richardson International Airport it was nearly 12 in the morning. Luckily before I arrived I found out that my landlord was willing to pick me up and took me straight home so that I didn’t need to spend the night at the airport.


At that time I was all alone in a completely unfamiliar place, with two heavy suitcases and a backpack, and restricted within the airport because once I got out of the wifi range I couldn’t contact anyone. I didn’t have one single person that I could confide in. I didn’t even have a secure living place before the landlord offered to rent her basement.

And it was hard, honestly. I cried myself to sleep that night at 3 am and woke up at nearly 6 am, terribly homesick. My friends all jokingly said that when a person first arrived at a new place, he or she would be too curious to feel any other negative emotion. Well I’m apparently not that type of person.

My dad told me to “listen to Chopin when you’re not feeling so well”. Alrighty. Here goes.

Chopin – Nocturne No.1 in B Flat Minor, Op.9 No.1

To Start Anew

Vivaldi: Le quattro stagioni (The Four Seasons), Violin Concerto in F Minor Op.8 No.4 RV 297, “Winter”

Writing a new blog.

Writing a blog isn’t brand new for me per se, just the idea of putting new things in a blog is new to me.

Maybe I’ll start by writing more about my new life in Canada, take more pictures of the place, and walk around more.

Because everything around me is brand new. Like I’m a blank piece of paper again, waiting to be written on by different but hopefully better things.


Because life is too brilliant to waste. So is Iphone’s camera 🙂