Salut mon amis 🙂

I said I’d come back with another new house-building post so here I am.


I’ve always adored lofts, especially those with traces of Brooklyn apartments in them: wooden floors, brick walls, and indoor landings. But I’m not an interior designer in real life so I can only do building stuff in the Sims.

I started off drawing out an acceptable area.

06-15-17_8-57-15 AM

The lot is 20×15 so it takes up pretty much the entire lot space. But since I planned it to be a smaller house, 20×15 is enough.

Initially I wanted to raise the foundation just so I could put a wooden staircase right outside the door. In doing that, however, I needed to shrink the size of the hall so I ditched that idea.

And also, after planning out each room, I put the front door to the side instead.

07-25-17_6-45-58 PM

07-25-17_6-46-06 PM

(I have to recreate the whole thing using a different loft, hence the river behind it)

This is the ground floor. So when the Sim walks in they go through a rather wide hall, and the first room on the left was planned as the living room; the second the bathroom, and the inner most area an open kitchen. The kitchen only takes up less than two thirds of the inner most area, because a gym area is directly behind the stairs.

07-25-17_6-46-13 PM

07-25-17_6-46-18 PM

On to the second floor. Well, more like an indoor landing area.

Creating this was a bit tricky in the Sims. I had to create a whole floor, then used the wall tools to carve out the desired areas and then ditched the floor of the undesired areas. After that, I replaced the walls with fences. In this case, for a more industrialized look, I used the Industrial Strength Railing System for the stairs and the Don’t Fall Fence for the fences of the landing. I was going to use the same railing system for the staircase, but then changed my mind and used the Ladder-like Stairway so that it looked less like a workplace and more like a living space.

The single full wall on the landing was to separate the bedroom and a hobby area. This might come as unrealistic in real life because pretty much everyone would want a close-spaced bedroom. I did try to make it close-spaced, but having the fence linking with the wall really didn’t go. Help.

So I ended up pulling the full wall just enough for it to cover the top of the stairs and putting a Fossil Pillar at the end of it. Now, on to the furnishing part.

07-25-17_8-29-25 PM

07-25-17_8-29-31 PM

This is the very wide hallway. I used quite a lot of custom contents, but then, some of them really are way cooler than those given in the game. Anyway, I put a two-seat sofa there (in the Sims a two-seat sofa is automatically a loveseat but whatever), in case there are visitors and they can rest there and wait for the host to come greet them (the Sims, however, are not prone to these mannerisms lol. My Sim loves greeting visitors while standing just outside the front door with a plate of food =/). I used light-colour patterns with the hall, with a hint of darker shades here and there.

07-25-17_8-48-19 PM

07-25-17_8-48-34 PM

This is the living room. This has more of a brownish red to it. I absolutely adore the Urban Loft series of custom content (the bookcase and the TV stand/side table are part of the series). I used the move object cheat to put all the decorations and books onto the shelves.

07-25-17_9-02-34 PM

07-25-17_9-02-50 PM

07-25-17_9-03-13 PM

The bathroom. Used the normal tiles and stone-like floor, and all in all a white colour pattern. The door inside the bathroom leads to the toilet, since the Sims have absolutely no concept of privacy until they walk in on someone peeing, and then the embarrassed moodlet goes on for ages. I was so tired of them walking in on someone in the bathroom that I resolved to building separate toilet areas.

07-25-17_9-19-11 PM

07-25-17_9-19-21 PM

Here’s the open kitchen. Pretty much the whole set of the kitchen supply comes from a CC series call Pacific Heights, even the fireplace. Not the bar, though.

Ah. I realise there’s a glass of Tang and Zing on the floor. I’ll just have my Sim drink it then.

07-25-17_9-44-38 PM

The gym behind the staircase. I copied the gym from the Styled Room selections, so it’s basically a shrunk version of that.

07-25-17_9-44-53 PM

The staircase and an under-the-stairs shelf. There was still quite a bit of space left next to the stairs so I decided to put a desk there. I mean, why not?

07-25-17_9-45-47 PM

The little art corner. I wanted my Sim to be artistic; plus painting is one of the best ways to earn simoleons in the Sims 4. For the wall I used Desert Skies, and chose this yellowish colour that looks a little like a colour from the pastel colour family.

07-25-17_9-46-14 PM

And the only bedroom in the loft. The main colours are brown and white in this area. I did want to put a fireplace next to the bookshelf, but nothing fit the colour scheme nor the texture of the room so I gave up on that. Why the piano? Because my Sim is artistic, that’s why =)

And finally, the whole view of the house.

After I finished this I built Magnus Bane’s apartment according to bits and pieces I captured from the TV show Shadowhunters. I’ll probably post that up here some other time =)

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