The title is pretty self explanatory. So basically I got really artsy recently by spending too much time on Pinterest browsing lofts and Soho style apartments. Like these.



Pinterest Board: Contemporary interior design inspirations

So, since I can build whatever I want in the Sims 4 game, I went to work. Well, play/work.

My initial idea was to build something similar to the one Clare Siobhan built in one of her Sims 4 videos:


But then after starting, I realized I wanted to do something different. Something Soho-ish and artsy and wooden. Which was why I went to and downloaded a ton of custom contents, including a bunch of wooden floors and brick walls.

I started by planning the areas and where I wanted each room to be. It turned out to be hideous, because the areas I drew out were huge and too square-y. So I tweaked them a little, using the hexagon room tool to give them flat edges. Now my rooms all have a hexagonal look to them.

06-05-17_8-06-13 AM

This is a reproduction of what the first floor looked like when I finished planning and applying wallpapers and floors.

06-05-17_8-06-18 AM

And the second floor. I had the idea of making the left side of the house into a lofty space, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out the way to add a floor within a floor, like a real loft; so I made the first floor a little taller and the second lower, trying to create a house-with-really-tall-walls illusion. It worked, to a certain degree. (Now I’m actually wondering if I should make the the two floors the same heights. Hmmm.)

And this is what the whole thing looked like after furnishing.

06-05-17_5-53-59 AM

06-05-17_6-03-00 AM

06-05-17_6-04-21 AM

06-05-17_6-04-29 AM

On the right side of the house I planned to put the master bedroom and a gym there, hence the little stall-like space in the lower right area — that was for the convenient shower stall. And I made a tiny hall in between the bedroom and the bathroom, so if anyone, after using the gym, wants to use the bathtub, they can go through there and don’t need to go into the master bedroom.

Some teeny tiny details about the waiting area:

06-05-17_5-55-29 AM

06-05-17_5-55-46 AM

06-05-17_5-58-58 AM

I love the mat 🙂

Some teeny tiny details about the kitchen:

06-05-17_5-57-45 AM

06-05-17_5-58-10 AM

The first-floor family bathroom:

06-05-17_6-00-08 AM

06-05-17_6-00-25 AM

The kind-of en-suite:

06-05-17_6-01-36 AM

06-05-17_6-01-48 AM

The gym:

06-05-17_6-02-23 AM

And the master bedroom:

06-05-17_6-01-21 AM

06-05-17_9-57-15 AM

I really love the kitchen and the bathroom on the first floor, but the part of the house that I love the most is the left side of the house, the living room/bar/studio/bedroom.

06-05-17_5-56-10 AM

06-05-17_5-56-36 AM

This is the first floor, the living room/open kitchen/bar, with a weirdly sized bathroom at the end. I used New York inspired brick walls and wooden panel floors to create my opinion of the city’s apartment. One of the best part of this is that the door to the first floor living area is locked to everyone but the upstairs-bedroom owner; so this is basically a small house within a house.

06-05-17_5-56-47 AM

The second floor is a studio for creating art and music. I carved a part of the floor out to make it look like a balcony. It isn’t a loft, strictly speaking, but it feels like one.

06-05-17_6-03-27 AM

And I put an open bedroom at the end of the studio, making it slightly Scandinavian, with the bed frame and the wall brick and the floor panel. I like it so much I’d love to live there.

In fact, I did end up creating myself in the Sims and put her in this house.

06-05-17_8-50-45 AM

Not that she actually looks like me. She’s far more good-looking than I am. I don’t know why, but it’s really difficult for me to recreate myself in the Sims.

06-05-17_8-52-12 AM

06-05-17_8-52-17 AM

At least little Isabelle here looks pretty and happy with the custom clothes and makeup.

I’m thinking about building a 20×15 or 30×20 loft. So until next time👋.

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