A Night Out in Downtown Winnipeg

A Night Out in Downtown Winnipeg

It was my friend’s birthday last week so on Friday after school we went out for a birthday meal.

All the way to downtown Winnipeg. And a little farther than that.

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(The 6:45pm sky on March 3rd.)

We actually went to the French district in the city for a meal.

It took us three bus transfers – one of which we had to wait in the bitter-cold wind for nearly 20 minutes without any shelter – to finally get there.

It was a small Japanese restaurant called Dwarf no Cachette Cafe & Gift (I had to actually look up the address to get the whole name; all this while in my head the restaurant is called “Dwarf no something”). But other than the name, I liked the place a lot because of its way of decorations and, well, just the FEEL of the whole atmosphere.

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(The sign at the door. The door is not facing the road, by the way, so when my friends said “oh it’s right there” it took me a while to actually locate the door with my eyes *shrugs*)

Even though it’s a small restaurant, it feels really cozy and relaxing when sitting inside. It felt more like a cafe to me than a Japanese restaurant.

IMG_0611FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (8)

(Geez oh I swear to god this is not an advert!! I just love that place so much that I took a bunch of photos and want to share them. The food really is delicious though. Okay stop.)

After the meal it was already past 9pm but we were so full of food that we decided to walk to the bus station where we can take a bus straight back to where we live instead of going to the nearest bus stop and transferring 2+ times again. That decision led us to this amazing bridge called Provencher Bridge.


The real life scene was so much better than this picture (this is true to a lot of night time sceneries to be honest). The whole place was so lively and bright with street lamps and lights from tall buildings that it was literally breathtaking. I’ve seen a fair amount of cities lit by beautiful lights at night but this view^from the bridge still caught me off guard. So much so that even though it was quite cold that night, I was still willing to take off my gloves and grabbed my phone from its warm habitat that was my pocket and took the picture.

Normally I would either be feeling too cold to do so or simply too lazy to do so =p

And a little about this week.

It has been a chaotic week, to say the least. I had a French test which I so wasn’t ready about, and a midterm that was, well, let’s just say eventful.

But on the bright side, I got a new pair of shoes!! My first ever pair of Vans (yay for me!!). Also, I finally got myself a new wallet with enough card slots*imaginary high five*

Okay I’ve been talking too much.

I should go sleep now. Goodnight =)

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