A First

A First

There are a lot of things that might happen in our lives, hence the whole “first time doing something”. And just now, I’ve encountered one.

Trying to rid my laptop of virus. At 11 PM when I was about to go to bed.


I was watching The West Wing and was searching for the synopses of season 6 when, out of nowhere, a web page sprang out and said a virus was detected on my laptop; after that was a Web Page Blocked page from the university that said something along the lines of “access to the web page is blocked due to potential malicious content”.

Okay. So it must have been when I was eager to find a website where I can watch The West Wing and I accidentally opened several pages that I shouldn’t have. I knew it was bad news when those pages wouldn’t let me go unless I “add an extension” to Chrome.


Yeah. Stupid.

Anyway, after that, every new page that I tried to open started up with a so-called search engine Blankpage4.ru/i/start.html

It was a virus alright.

And for the first time in my life, I have to learn to deal with a computer virus and try to get rid of it.

Luckily, the world is full of talented people. I googled it and found a YouTube video teaching us how to remove the search engine and the virus altogether in several complicated but useful steps.

I’m not sure, now, whether my computer is completely healthy or not – I scanned it and re-scanned it with multiple anti-virus and anti-malware programs and nothing came up eventually. I still need time to see if the virus really is gone, though. But for now, everything is back to normal. And I’m grateful for that, and for the person that uploaded his video.

In the meantime that I tend to the mess, I sorely miss my father, who is really talented in these matters and can solve them in no time. Sadly, he is home right now and too far away to actually physically be here to deal with the problem.

That’s just one of the many firsts I will encounter in my life. To some people this may just easy peasy; but for a non-technical person like myself, that was one huge thing I’ve learnt to deal with.

People say life is unpredictable. It is, without a shadow of a doubt. That is why all we can do when life throws something at us is to soldier on and find a solution.

Oh, and remind me to ask my dad to teach me how to deal with viruses next time I’m home. Just in case.


Night 🙂

It’s Valentine’s Day, So I Thought…

It’s Valentine’s Day, So I Thought…

I should write something different on Valentine’s Day.

It’s true that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating romantic love, but as my friend used to say, if two people are really in love, every day can be their Valentine’s Day. And besides, there are just too many things about romantic love out there in the world now.


Ah hem…anyway.

I was skyping my parents last night, and out of nowhere I started telling them something I thought they never knew: that I had been in romantic relationships before. I didn’t tell them before because I was really certain that they would get all angry and yell at me because my parents are quite traditional on this matter.

So I told them about those experiences, how and why they happened, and how and why they ended. And after I finished, my dad looked up from his bowl (it was lunch time back home) and grinned at me, “I already know, sweetie.”


I guess my dad saw my shocked expression because he, actually, laughed. He was like, “you’re my daughter, there’s pretty much nothing you can hide from me.” Apparently, he was able to tell from my gestures and my movements and teeny tiny stuff like that to see what’s happening to me.

“You know you’re kinda creepy, right, dad?”

I said that, but deep down I know he loves me 🙂

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t ever keep secrets from your loved ones.

I didn’t think it mattered much until this morning, when I was half way down the stairs to the laundry room, all of a sudden it dawned on me that I now feel so much closer to my parents than ever. When I was younger I was naive enough to be proud of myself because I thought I was able to hide so many of my secrets from my parents, and every time I got away with a lie I would giggle inside. But never had I feel this close to my parents before. The kind of closeness that I’m content with, that I want to cherish.

Because this means I have absolutely nothing hiding from the people I love the most in this world. Because this means there is no barrier between us. Because this means they are not only my parents but also my best friends, the kind of best friend whom I can have all kinds of conversations with.

And I love this feeling.

And I think it’s the same with romantic relationships. Don’t keep secrets. Because secrets can become barriers, and barriers will become insurmountable. Communication is key in every relationship, romantic or not.


Ah, the day of love.


Even my weather app is immersed in the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day



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