A little about accents.

I’m confused.

Something about me is that I’m not a native English speaker, but somehow by watching loads of TV dramas and listening to audio books have given me both major accents of the English language, the British accent and the American one. And now that I’m studying in Canada, I’m starting to grasp a bit of the Canadian accent as well.

And here’s what confuses me.

I switch accents when I’m talking to different people. Here in Canada, as I’m not that familiar with the Canadian accent (mainly the “about”), I talk to my friends with the American accent. But then back home where I once met a British guy, I used the British accent with him. And when I’m reading, I have my British accent on full blast that now I sometimes have to explain to people beforehand so they don’t get startled because seconds before reading I was talking to them with my “r”s rolled and my “a”s and “an”s pronounced more…how do I put it…more flatly and widely.

And then I read this article on Quora.


And I’m astounded to find that some people actually think that switching accents makes the person sound fake and deceitful.

Well…Hello? It’s not like the person with the ability to switch accents is doing this deliberately just to annoy other people or mock them. Sometimes they just can’t help it.

And now I’m actually really curious. What do people think of those who change accents when speaking to different people?

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