Every thing starts little doesn’t it?

This is just some random practice for my French course. Well I have nowhere to put these scattered phrases and sentences anyway so *shrugs*

Je m’appelle Isabelle.

Je suis cantonaise.

Je suis une fille heureuse, la plupart du temps.

Mais je n’aime pas la nuit.

C’est trop sombre et trop intimidante.

Et tout de suite j’écoute musique du cantonais.

J’ai le mal du pays.

Mes parents me manquent.



但係 聽下聽下 竟然會越來越掛住屋企

唯有令自己變得繁忙 冇閒心霖其他嘢咯

One of the reasons why I really really don’t like nighttime (and rainy days for that matter) is that I feel insecure and sad when it’s dark and gloomy. I’m now 11,351 kilometres away from home, 13 hours apart, and can only communicate through a roughly-once-a-week Skype and occasional Wechat. Okay not occasional my mother is one talkative woman. But still, the time for us to have a complete and uninterrupted conversation is rare, what with all my classes and their work and the whole time difference thing.

I should really make myself busy so that I don’t have time for moaning about my homesickness.

After all, midterms are around the corner, and I still have a hell load of work to do.

*heavy sigh*

Bonne nuit.

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