Loft Building in The Sims 4

Loft Building in The Sims 4

Salut mon amis 🙂

I said I’d come back with another new house-building post so here I am.


I’ve always adored lofts, especially those with traces of Brooklyn apartments in them: wooden floors, brick walls, and indoor landings. But I’m not an interior designer in real life so I can only do building stuff in the Sims.

I started off drawing out an acceptable area.

06-15-17_8-57-15 AM

The lot is 20×15 so it takes up pretty much the entire lot space. But since I planned it to be a smaller house, 20×15 is enough.

Initially I wanted to raise the foundation just so I could put a wooden staircase right outside the door. In doing that, however, I needed to shrink the size of the hall so I ditched that idea.

And also, after planning out each room, I put the front door to the side instead.

07-25-17_6-45-58 PM

07-25-17_6-46-06 PM

(I have to recreate the whole thing using a different loft, hence the river behind it)

This is the ground floor. So when the Sim walks in they go through a rather wide hall, and the first room on the left was planned as the living room; the second the bathroom, and the inner most area an open kitchen. The kitchen only takes up less than two thirds of the inner most area, because a gym area is directly behind the stairs.

07-25-17_6-46-13 PM

07-25-17_6-46-18 PM

On to the second floor. Well, more like an indoor landing area.

Creating this was a bit tricky in the Sims. I had to create a whole floor, then used the wall tools to carve out the desired areas and then ditched the floor of the undesired areas. After that, I replaced the walls with fences. In this case, for a more industrialized look, I used the Industrial Strength Railing System for the stairs and the Don’t Fall Fence for the fences of the landing. I was going to use the same railing system for the staircase, but then changed my mind and used the Ladder-like Stairway so that it looked less like a workplace and more like a living space.

The single full wall on the landing was to separate the bedroom and a hobby area. This might come as unrealistic in real life because pretty much everyone would want a close-spaced bedroom. I did try to make it close-spaced, but having the fence linking with the wall really didn’t go. Help.

So I ended up pulling the full wall just enough for it to cover the top of the stairs and putting a Fossil Pillar at the end of it. Now, on to the furnishing part.

07-25-17_8-29-25 PM

07-25-17_8-29-31 PM

This is the very wide hallway. I used quite a lot of custom contents, but then, some of them really are way cooler than those given in the game. Anyway, I put a two-seat sofa there (in the Sims a two-seat sofa is automatically a loveseat but whatever), in case there are visitors and they can rest there and wait for the host to come greet them (the Sims, however, are not prone to these mannerisms lol. My Sim loves greeting visitors while standing just outside the front door with a plate of food =/). I used light-colour patterns with the hall, with a hint of darker shades here and there.

07-25-17_8-48-19 PM

07-25-17_8-48-34 PM

This is the living room. This has more of a brownish red to it. I absolutely adore the Urban Loft series of custom content (the bookcase and the TV stand/side table are part of the series). I used the move object cheat to put all the decorations and books onto the shelves.

07-25-17_9-02-34 PM

07-25-17_9-02-50 PM

07-25-17_9-03-13 PM

The bathroom. Used the normal tiles and stone-like floor, and all in all a white colour pattern. The door inside the bathroom leads to the toilet, since the Sims have absolutely no concept of privacy until they walk in on someone peeing, and then the embarrassed moodlet goes on for ages. I was so tired of them walking in on someone in the bathroom that I resolved to building separate toilet areas.

07-25-17_9-19-11 PM

07-25-17_9-19-21 PM

Here’s the open kitchen. Pretty much the whole set of the kitchen supply comes from a CC series call Pacific Heights, even the fireplace. Not the bar, though.

Ah. I realise there’s a glass of Tang and Zing on the floor. I’ll just have my Sim drink it then.

07-25-17_9-44-38 PM

The gym behind the staircase. I copied the gym from the Styled Room selections, so it’s basically a shrunk version of that.

07-25-17_9-44-53 PM

The staircase and an under-the-stairs shelf. There was still quite a bit of space left next to the stairs so I decided to put a desk there. I mean, why not?

07-25-17_9-45-47 PM

The little art corner. I wanted my Sim to be artistic; plus painting is one of the best ways to earn simoleons in the Sims 4. For the wall I used Desert Skies, and chose this yellowish colour that looks a little like a colour from the pastel colour family.

07-25-17_9-46-14 PM

And the only bedroom in the loft. The main colours are brown and white in this area. I did want to put a fireplace next to the bookshelf, but nothing fit the colour scheme nor the texture of the room so I gave up on that. Why the piano? Because my Sim is artistic, that’s why =)

And finally, the whole view of the house.

After I finished this I built Magnus Bane’s apartment according to bits and pieces I captured from the TV show Shadowhunters. I’ll probably post that up here some other time =)

Three Days Spent on House-building in The Sims 4

Three Days Spent on House-building in The Sims 4

The title is pretty self explanatory. So basically I got really artsy recently by spending too much time on Pinterest browsing lofts and Soho style apartments. Like these.



Pinterest Board: Contemporary interior design inspirations

So, since I can build whatever I want in the Sims 4 game, I went to work. Well, play/work.

My initial idea was to build something similar to the one Clare Siobhan built in one of her Sims 4 videos:


But then after starting, I realized I wanted to do something different. Something Soho-ish and artsy and wooden. Which was why I went to and downloaded a ton of custom contents, including a bunch of wooden floors and brick walls.

I started by planning the areas and where I wanted each room to be. It turned out to be hideous, because the areas I drew out were huge and too square-y. So I tweaked them a little, using the hexagon room tool to give them flat edges. Now my rooms all have a hexagonal look to them.

06-05-17_8-06-13 AM

This is a reproduction of what the first floor looked like when I finished planning and applying wallpapers and floors.

06-05-17_8-06-18 AM

And the second floor. I had the idea of making the left side of the house into a lofty space, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out the way to add a floor within a floor, like a real loft; so I made the first floor a little taller and the second lower, trying to create a house-with-really-tall-walls illusion. It worked, to a certain degree. (Now I’m actually wondering if I should make the the two floors the same heights. Hmmm.)

And this is what the whole thing looked like after furnishing.

06-05-17_5-53-59 AM

06-05-17_6-03-00 AM

06-05-17_6-04-21 AM

06-05-17_6-04-29 AM

On the right side of the house I planned to put the master bedroom and a gym there, hence the little stall-like space in the lower right area — that was for the convenient shower stall. And I made a tiny hall in between the bedroom and the bathroom, so if anyone, after using the gym, wants to use the bathtub, they can go through there and don’t need to go into the master bedroom.

Some teeny tiny details about the waiting area:

06-05-17_5-55-29 AM

06-05-17_5-55-46 AM

06-05-17_5-58-58 AM

I love the mat 🙂

Some teeny tiny details about the kitchen:

06-05-17_5-57-45 AM

06-05-17_5-58-10 AM

The first-floor family bathroom:

06-05-17_6-00-08 AM

06-05-17_6-00-25 AM

The kind-of en-suite:

06-05-17_6-01-36 AM

06-05-17_6-01-48 AM

The gym:

06-05-17_6-02-23 AM

And the master bedroom:

06-05-17_6-01-21 AM

06-05-17_9-57-15 AM

I really love the kitchen and the bathroom on the first floor, but the part of the house that I love the most is the left side of the house, the living room/bar/studio/bedroom.

06-05-17_5-56-10 AM

06-05-17_5-56-36 AM

This is the first floor, the living room/open kitchen/bar, with a weirdly sized bathroom at the end. I used New York inspired brick walls and wooden panel floors to create my opinion of the city’s apartment. One of the best part of this is that the door to the first floor living area is locked to everyone but the upstairs-bedroom owner; so this is basically a small house within a house.

06-05-17_5-56-47 AM

The second floor is a studio for creating art and music. I carved a part of the floor out to make it look like a balcony. It isn’t a loft, strictly speaking, but it feels like one.

06-05-17_6-03-27 AM

And I put an open bedroom at the end of the studio, making it slightly Scandinavian, with the bed frame and the wall brick and the floor panel. I like it so much I’d love to live there.

In fact, I did end up creating myself in the Sims and put her in this house.

06-05-17_8-50-45 AM

Not that she actually looks like me. She’s far more good-looking than I am. I don’t know why, but it’s really difficult for me to recreate myself in the Sims.

06-05-17_8-52-12 AM

06-05-17_8-52-17 AM

At least little Isabelle here looks pretty and happy with the custom clothes and makeup.

I’m thinking about building a 20×15 or 30×20 loft. So until next time👋.

Five-Minute Anxiety Attack

Just now, when I was busy decorating my bullet journal with washi tapes and calligraphy, I received the news of one of my old friends from junior middle school.

She said she got into University of Essex in Britain.

Be it pride or whatnot, the first thought that went through my mind after congratulations was, “I was better at my English back in junior high school than she was.” After that thought, though, the next thing that came was, “oh crap (this is a civilized version of what I actually thought), what am I doing with my life???”

And this sent me into a spiral of anxiety.


As of right now, it feels like a lot of my friends, whether better or worse than I was during middle school, are doing so much better with their life than I am with mine. They have all kinds of work experiences that they got from their mentors or student groups; they have internships during summer; they are steadily approaching their goals. Whereas me, I am still sitting in my little dorm room, struggling to get through an essay for my English literature course.

And it’s not like I don’t have a goal for my future; I do. I want to find a career in the media — newspapers, magazines, or even radios. But right now, I feel like I’m on the wrong track because I’m not studying journalism. In fact, ironically, my university doesn’t even have a journalism major. What’s worse, it isn’t easy to even find a summer part-time job in a different country than the one I grew up in, let alone an internship.


Which is why I’m panicking. I realize that uncertainty and instability frightens me. I cannot do anything substantial without any kind of planning because in my dictionary, no plans = insecurities. One quick example is that right now, I’m waiting for an email from school residence, telling me to move to my summer accommodation. Said email was supposed to arrive last week, but due to the workload the coordinator is having and the tight schedule of the residence office, the move-in is delayed; as of now, I still haven’t received anything, thus affecting all my prior plans: they either get delayed as well, or cancelled. While everyone in my life are scurrying on the right path towards their dream schools and ideal careers, I’m facepalming over my lack of schedules and directions.

And it doesn’t help when I have really talented idols as well. Sure they do encourage me to chase my dreams and fulfill my life the way I want to, and they are indeed inspiring; but on the flip side, somehow, during the five minutes of my panic attack, they also make me realize just how talentless I am.


Which is why a couple months ago, I started telling myself to learn from the best.


I still have panic attacks, of course, but I try not to let my anxiety seeps through the five-minute boundary. Ten minutes, at most. And then after that, I’ll put some really cheerful and really upbeat music on and jump-dance around in my room singing at the top of my lungs (I’m so sorry to whoever lives neighbouring me…). THEN I’ll sit myself down, take a deep breath, and sort out whatever I need to finish at hand, one after another.

Anxiety still gets to me, time and again, like just now when I saw the update from my friend. But the five-minute rule kind of works. Now I’m singing again, and ready to start the first essay for my English course.

Running Man 5th Anniversary (10)

A Night Out in Downtown Winnipeg

A Night Out in Downtown Winnipeg

It was my friend’s birthday last week so on Friday after school we went out for a birthday meal.

All the way to downtown Winnipeg. And a little farther than that.

FullSizeRender (4)

(The 6:45pm sky on March 3rd.)

We actually went to the French district in the city for a meal.

It took us three bus transfers – one of which we had to wait in the bitter-cold wind for nearly 20 minutes without any shelter – to finally get there.

It was a small Japanese restaurant called Dwarf no Cachette Cafe & Gift (I had to actually look up the address to get the whole name; all this while in my head the restaurant is called “Dwarf no something”). But other than the name, I liked the place a lot because of its way of decorations and, well, just the FEEL of the whole atmosphere.

FullSizeRender (5)

(The sign at the door. The door is not facing the road, by the way, so when my friends said “oh it’s right there” it took me a while to actually locate the door with my eyes *shrugs*)

Even though it’s a small restaurant, it feels really cozy and relaxing when sitting inside. It felt more like a cafe to me than a Japanese restaurant.

IMG_0611FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (8)

(Geez oh I swear to god this is not an advert!! I just love that place so much that I took a bunch of photos and want to share them. The food really is delicious though. Okay stop.)

After the meal it was already past 9pm but we were so full of food that we decided to walk to the bus station where we can take a bus straight back to where we live instead of going to the nearest bus stop and transferring 2+ times again. That decision led us to this amazing bridge called Provencher Bridge.


The real life scene was so much better than this picture (this is true to a lot of night time sceneries to be honest). The whole place was so lively and bright with street lamps and lights from tall buildings that it was literally breathtaking. I’ve seen a fair amount of cities lit by beautiful lights at night but this view^from the bridge still caught me off guard. So much so that even though it was quite cold that night, I was still willing to take off my gloves and grabbed my phone from its warm habitat that was my pocket and took the picture.

Normally I would either be feeling too cold to do so or simply too lazy to do so =p

And a little about this week.

It has been a chaotic week, to say the least. I had a French test which I so wasn’t ready about, and a midterm that was, well, let’s just say eventful.

But on the bright side, I got a new pair of shoes!! My first ever pair of Vans (yay for me!!). Also, I finally got myself a new wallet with enough card slots*imaginary high five*

Okay I’ve been talking too much.

I should go sleep now. Goodnight =)

tenor (1)

A First

A First

There are a lot of things that might happen in our lives, hence the whole “first time doing something”. And just now, I’ve encountered one.

Trying to rid my laptop of virus. At 11 PM when I was about to go to bed.


I was watching The West Wing and was searching for the synopses of season 6 when, out of nowhere, a web page sprang out and said a virus was detected on my laptop; after that was a Web Page Blocked page from the university that said something along the lines of “access to the web page is blocked due to potential malicious content”.

Okay. So it must have been when I was eager to find a website where I can watch The West Wing and I accidentally opened several pages that I shouldn’t have. I knew it was bad news when those pages wouldn’t let me go unless I “add an extension” to Chrome.


Yeah. Stupid.

Anyway, after that, every new page that I tried to open started up with a so-called search engine

It was a virus alright.

And for the first time in my life, I have to learn to deal with a computer virus and try to get rid of it.

Luckily, the world is full of talented people. I googled it and found a YouTube video teaching us how to remove the search engine and the virus altogether in several complicated but useful steps.

I’m not sure, now, whether my computer is completely healthy or not – I scanned it and re-scanned it with multiple anti-virus and anti-malware programs and nothing came up eventually. I still need time to see if the virus really is gone, though. But for now, everything is back to normal. And I’m grateful for that, and for the person that uploaded his video.

In the meantime that I tend to the mess, I sorely miss my father, who is really talented in these matters and can solve them in no time. Sadly, he is home right now and too far away to actually physically be here to deal with the problem.

That’s just one of the many firsts I will encounter in my life. To some people this may just easy peasy; but for a non-technical person like myself, that was one huge thing I’ve learnt to deal with.

People say life is unpredictable. It is, without a shadow of a doubt. That is why all we can do when life throws something at us is to soldier on and find a solution.

Oh, and remind me to ask my dad to teach me how to deal with viruses next time I’m home. Just in case.


Night 🙂